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19th-Aug-2010 10:18 pm - Iris [Multifandom couples] video
So here's a new vid I made:

I used footage from:

Bright Star
Shakespeare in Love
Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Becoming Jane

Hope you like!!! :)
27th-Jul-2010 10:05 pm(no subject)
Soooo....I've been thinking about guilty pleasure movies, (as I'm illegally downloading one as I post lol). Here are some of them, which I enjoy watching mainly because of the completely unrealistic plots, a hot male lead and enjoyable escapism!
In no particular order...

The Prince and Me
Circle of Friends
The Holiday (I like to watch this around Xmas lol)
Miracle on 34th Street (the newer version, SO lame I know)
The Princess Diaries (1 & 2 *sigh*)
The parent Trap (Lohan one)
Suddenly 30 (mainly for the Thriller dance)
Keeping the Faith (was SO obsessed with this when I was 12:P)
Heart & Souls

Your turn!!

Tara xox
6th-Jul-2010 06:40 pm - Top Ten Movies

So I'm going to list my top ten movies, and then I want to hear what yours are.

In no particular order...just the order that I think them...

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I'm counting them as a set because they are all brilliant and it's not fair to have them multiple times when their places could easily be filled by other, brilliant movies:))

2. Singing in the Rain - all time BEST musical and just generally a hysterical, happy movie that I can watch over and over. Also the context relates to an interesting time period!

3. Edward Scissorhands - by far my favourite of all Tim Burton's films. I like the themes of alienation and social inadequacy, but the whole movie (and the music) is pure magic, The Ice Dance scene perfection.

4. Shakespeare in Love - another movie I can watch anytime, anyplace- the most beautiful indirect adaptation of Romeo and Juliet put to screen and so deftly acted. I LOVE Geoffrey Rush in this movie, also I think it was Ben Affleck's best role- this movie inspires me to write and be creative:)

5. Almost Famous - Cameron Crowe's best film yet, truly an awesome testament to the 'road' film genre. I like it because it captured a period I would willingly travel back in time to experience and the music used is amazing. Another film that inspires me to write:)

6. Rebecca - one of Alfred Hitchcock's earlier films (my Grandmother actually used to be his PA!!). A very classic, haunting story and very well acted by Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier. Highly recommend it!!

7. The Lion King - had to have a disney film on here, and this is the one- I remember making my Grandfather take me to see it twice when I was 6 and I love it just as much now as I did then. Beautiful, well-written story. *weep* Mufasa...

8. When Harry Met Sally - for me, and many the ultimate romantic comedy where friends become lovers. Also a slight take on the battle of the sexes, I love Billy Crystal in this movie!

9. American Beauty - one of the smartest movies ever made I think, it says everything out loud that people want said and I also liked the artsy factor with the big red front door and the rose petals. Kevin Spacey is AWESOME in this movie!!

10. Bright Star - the best film I've seen in years. I got so obsessed with it after I saw it, with the life of John Keats with his poetry and with his relationship to Fanny Brawne. The ultimate tragic love story and told in such an exquisite way. Not for everyone, but it has made me want to find Ben Whishaw and become his wife..

And that is the top ten- I know there are billions of classics that I haven't mentioned but I wanted movies that meant something in particular for me when I watched them.

What will be your top ten?

Tara xox
2nd-Jul-2010 11:18 am - AAAAck
I am in a pretty bad place at the moment- my brother is severely depressed, my parents are being strained by this, and I'm about to break up with my boyfriend, when he's a perfectly great guy.

So I haven't been able to be creative in the way that I would normally (ie. make videos) though I have been doing some lame poetry haha.

Mostly I just get up, go to my computer and play Pokemon, or watch something. It is SUCH a lame existence because I'm on break from uni and my job is like 9 hours a week.

I did watch Eclipse yesterday which was somewhat an escape as it was actually a good movie seeing as the book is crap.

Oh P.S I don't live in Melbourne, the detector thingy is warped today
12th-Jun-2010 09:09 pm - Song of the day:)
Just heard the most GORGEOUS song and had to share it!!

Joshua RadinCollapse )

I am SO vidding this...to Bright Star:)
7th-Jun-2010 08:04 pm - Multi-Fandom vid
Just thought I'd share the movies I'm using for my multi-fandom vid (so far lol):)

I'm not sure if I should add anymore...I was thinking of Shakespeare in Love but Im not sure if it would be too much, I'm doing these to a 3 and a half minute song so unsure? Advice?:)

7th-Jun-2010 05:06 pm - Hearts and Souls
Anyone remember this movie?

I recently bought it because it's one of my fave 90s movies, and well, I can't resist Downey Junior circa the 90s. For some reason it made me cry lol I haven't watched it in years, and it's kind of B Grade, but I love it. Especially the Walk Like a Man scenes, sooo cute! Watch it if you haven't already:)
6th-Jun-2010 06:09 pm - New video idea
Hmmmmmmm I have a new idea for a video, but it requires so much effort...in that I would have to rip and clip all 6 Harry Potter movies!!!:S

But it's a really good idea...I would use the Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands, what do people think??

4th-Jun-2010 09:54 am(no subject)
For whoever's watching out there...this is actually the first time I've posted a video on my barely-used account haha. I don't normally post because I'm not artistically inclined in terms of images/graphics, so I don't know how to make anything pretty. But I DO vid! So here it is:

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!!

Tara xox
16th-Jan-2010 04:28 pm - A Poem about a Soldier
Ok so, this is really scary for me. I've never posted any of my poems ever, so...please be lenient.

A Soldier

A slow death, this parting

always on the cards, an


A curse, this frailty

of spirit, not of

character, which you so

richly possess.


O sweet love you encompass

a tenderness of soul I know

nothing about.

You stand, formidable,

as a soldier in lieu of


Fierce and frenetic

in approach

But you are steadfast and

firm in nature, compatible

in danger with courage.



As a light is in shadow

A guardian of heroes

Resplendent in sacrificial shadow

You fall, I fall

You perish, I perish deeper

bound together in frailty

But I am in fear

for I am the weakest in

this chain, and you

A lion.


Fly away sweet soldier,

climb the mountain’s highest peak and

make a boundary between we two birds.

I cannot climb, but must


Away, away, and I will

fly to thee

A summer wren, to you

my winter robin.

At the end of my tether,

I come, I am come.

** You'll notice I stole a line from John Keat's "Ode to a Nightingale" I will eventually change it, but I thought it fit in well and will always give credit where inspiration hits. Hope you like it!!!

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